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Enal drugs are prime leading Praziquantel API Manufacturers and Exporters in Hyderabad.Praziquantel belongs to class of drugs which is known as antihelmintics.It belongs to group of antiparasitic drugs which expel parasitic worms from the body by either killing them and without causing any significant damages to host.It helps to kill parasites.It makes parasites unable to move,causes them to release their hold on the blood vessel walls so that body will remove parasites naturally.This medicine helps to treat infections of certain parasites. Curing parasitic infections will helps to improve health and quality of people so we can lead a healthy life. Enal drugs is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company, which is involved in manufacturing and exporting anti ulcerative drugs, API and other intermediates.praziquantel cannot be taken if you are allergic to ingredients, certain worm infections and rifampin. Enal drugs Quality Control team ensures that products are delivered with high standards to all customers.we have the corporate team in order to support and focus on key functions.we are the leading praziquantel Exporters in Hyderabad.



Side Effects:

These side effects are mild and temporary and may also be symptoms of parasite infections and/or the dying parasites.

  • » Headache
  • » Dizziness
  • » Stomach pain
  • » Nausea
  • » Joint/muscle pain
  • » Sweating

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